A pessary is a device for a woman that is placed inside the vagina to provide support for pelvic organ descent. It is designed to substitute the connective tissue that would normally be providing support to the pelvic organs thereby relieving symptoms of prolapse.

A pessary may be indicated instead of surgery in the following circumstances:

  • When a woman wishes to avoid surgery
  • When the risks for surgery are deemed high due to factors such as age or coexisting medical conditions
  • When a woman has not yet finished her family (future pregnancies are likely to damage any surgical repair)
  • As a temporary treatment option when it is thought that there may still be a high chance of spontaneous improvement given the woman’s current state of recovery (e.g. in the first year or two following childbirth)
  • As a temporary treatment whilst awaiting surgical management

Who is able to fit a pessary?

Any physiotherapist, continence nurse, GP or specialist who has been trained in fitting vaginal pessaries will be able to assist you in finding the right size and style of pessary for your individual case. At IvoryRose Physiotherapy, our Physiotherapist is highly skilled in fitting pessaries and will be more than happy to assist you.

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