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The postnatal period is a time of excitement, happiness, joy, love and often exhaustion. Due to the nature of a newborn, it is not uncommon for a new mum to spend extended periods of time breastfeeding, lifting, carrying and settling their baby which can unfortunately lead to various muscle aches and pains felt throughout their tired bodies.

These aches can range from:

• Upper back pain
• Neck pain and headaches
• Lower back pain
• Pelvic pain and/or pain at the pubic bone
• Coccyx or tailbone pain
• Wrist and hand weakness, tingling or pain

If you are experiencing pain, it can be difficult to carry out your necessary daily chores, particularly when you have a new baby. If you visit us at IvoryRose will we be able to assess, treat and assist you in managing these concerns, which will enable you to continue caring for yourself and your family.

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