Throughout pregnancy and as your body adapts to the growing baby inside your belly, discomforts particularly in second and third trimesters, are not uncommon. They can present as slight 'niggles' of pain, possibly felt when rolling over in bed or putting on your underwear in the morning; or can sometimes be felt as more severe pain which makes it difficult to walk, get up from a chair, or sit down for an extended period. These pains can unfortunately leave you feeling very uncomfortable and may cause challenges with activities such as work, exercise and self care.

Discomforts of pregnancy will vary, however some of the more common discomforts may include:

• Pain in the Low Back and Posterior Pelvis (back of pelvis)
• Pain at the Pubic Symphysis (front of Pelvis)
• Pain in the Thoracic Spine/ribs (upper back pain)
• Pain in the Cervical Spine (neck pain) which can lead to headaches

Here at IvoryRose Physiotherapy, our services are aimed at improving your discomforts of pregnancy, and assisting you to maintain optimal function for as long as possible. Your initial appointment will involve a thorough assessment of your condition, discussion surrounding the causes as well as various options for treatment, followed by beginning your journey to feeling better from day 1.

Physiotherapy is highly effective and well researched in the area of managing pregnancy related muscle aches and pains. If you are experiencing pain in your pregnancy then click here to make a booking today. You do not require a referral from your doctor, and health rebates are available on the spot.